10/27/15- Friends. Then and now?


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I haven’t really given much thought to the amount of friends I’ve had over the years. When you really think about it, the older you get, the number of actual friends dwindles down, while acquaintances pretty much stays the same. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if I’m getting to be a bit of a recluse. Maybe it’s because I’m studying for the exam right now and starving for human touch? I haven’t had a phone conversation in about 3 weeks, and got to talk to 2 people yesterday. Highlight of my week apparently. Not that I don’t love talking to my mom all the time. I could literally count on one hand how many people I count as a friend right now. And some people are definitely on the fence.

**(9/10/16) But it might also just be the fact that I value real friendships more than quantity as of late. And if you are not beneficial to me (ie. negative energy or dragging me down; I have enough Debbie downers in my space) then I just don’t make that extra effort to keep up the contact. Sorry not sorry. Such a long journey to figure out things that most people figure out in 11th grade. Hah. But if I care even a little. If I make that effort to smooth things over, or check on your life (very rarely, but still done?) then just know I love you and you got me for life.**


Stay focused. Stay on track. 


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So, my M.O. is to get gungho on my newest mode of procrastination and write a few good first blogs, then taper off until I completely forget my log in information for whatever platform I initially started on, and leave my words in perpetual mid air, floating in the cyberspace of the world wide inter web. But let’s pretend that this time that’s not what’s going to happen. This time let’s look forward to regular brain unloadings. Not only for your entertainment of my beautiful chaos I call my thought process, but for my sanity as I journey through med school and need to release some pressure to make room for more information that I MUST memorize weekly.

SyAri da kid says it best, “I use my priorities as an excuse.”  My strong feelings of guilt and responsibility always manage to crawl into any plans that I lay for myself and I become the helper. The one to lean on in ALL times. But I justify it by attributing it to my duty to help others. It’s actually the case as I lay here typing this entry instead of reviewing for my anatomy midterm that is in a mere 5 hours. But I live by the mantra, if I don’t know it by now, I’ll never know it. Hah. Right? Moving on.




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Typical “Nice to know ya’s”


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So the first thing people do when they meet me is say my name wrong. Well, no that’s wrong. The first thing they do when they meet me is ask me what I am. But that’s a WHOLE ‘nother blog, maybe a week’s worth. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Or burn it down. Whatever’s clever.

So sometimes, when people meet me, they see my name spelled… M-I-Y-A and assume it’s ‘My-uh’. But actually my name is pronounced ‘Mee-yah’. My parents chose my name using the Korean word 미 (Mee) which is the word base also used in the Korean word 미국 “America”. It means beautiful ( I can never spell that word and not think of Jim Carey) >.<, and the 야 (yah) is the Korean verb “to be”. America literally translates to ‘beautiful land’. Now this would all be great if I were Korean, which I’m not. Hahahaha! Just kidding, I am. Well, my mom is. I am technically what you call a Blasian. So you can figure out what that means. The problem with that is, even when people meet me and don’t ever see my name spelled, 9/10 times the next time they see me, they call me Mya. It’s hilarious, and inevitable. I just answer to both.

Please forgive my asinine use of quotations marks and backwards apostrophes, I love them. ❤  If I wasn’t typing, I’d be making “air quotes”. Yeah. I’m one of those. No. I’m not. “”

My first blog post



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Can you just regurgitate your thoughts onto a page and call it a blog? Well……… I am.

I have so many thoughts (not any different than anyone else) and I decided to write them down and share them (also no different from anyone else) but I have this vain idea that my ideas will be funnier, and better, and run faster… (no, that’s also the same as everyone else…) Well then, I have no idea why I am writing this blog and expecting anyone else to read it, but it’s being done. And it will be done.