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Sometimes it’s time for people to cast aside old habits and begin anew. A new year. A new you. Scoff. Like it’s a new edition. Turning in my dusty, rusty, old self, full of excuses and bad habits for a shiny new motivated version. Get the the new 2017 model!! It starts like a charm and won’t give you any procrastination!

Now wouldn’t that be nice? Because of this great attitude I have towards this lifestyle it seems I am a little jaded and my point of view is skewed. But it is my point of view. My goal in life is to become a better judger. I know people strive to not make judgements against people.  But I’m gonna go against the current this way I know that where I’m going is correct as long as I feel that constant push of tension guiding me, flowing against me.

And by this I mean, not judging people based on things they cannot change. But to really be able to know if a person is good for me or not. Instead of blindly always feeling as if I should give someone the benefit of the doubt. To truly take the time to see their soul. To make sure that their vibrations align with mine and they want at least some of the things that I want.

I have a bad habit of being a ‘fixer’. I like to think that, “Oh, with just a little time and effort put into them, they will be juussssttt right.” Hahhahaha. I guess I’ve finally learned that that’s not the way to go. If you accept people for who they are exactly as they are, then there are no surprises. And that’s definitely the way to go.