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I recently read a post about a girl that is traveling the world, with her son, in her minivan. She has nothing except the bare essentials, (a hot plate, a few toiletries, some clothing, books and toys for her son), and is enjoying the FULLEST out of life. I mean, random adventures and relaxation, teaching moments and learning moments. The whole 9 yards. I day dream about this and then it gets me thinking.

What if I was to cut myself out for a world and move to one of no responsibilities or schedules except what I wake up with in my brain? What would I even do with myself? Am I a free enough bird that I could truly relax and not be scrambling to follow some sort of itinerary and timeline to get things done?

Would I be able to relinquish my societal judgements long enough to realize it doesn’t really matter what degrees I have or what my job title is if I’m providing for myself and staying happy and healthy?

What a life.

Man, even as I sit here I smile thinking about all the NOTHING I could do. That would be it. Just a whole lot of nothing.

I love it.