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I have nothing short of a plethora of role models with the women in my life.

My sister who always striving to be a better person even though she makes everyone in our lives immensely proud of her. She constantly works to better herself and is stuffing her brain full of knowledge and tactics on how to become a better person. Never satisfied with where she is currently. And I admire that because every day in your life should be a step forward at trying to become a better person.

My mother who was such a hard worker from the time I was born she constantly worked her fingers to the bone at the consequence of me not seeing her much as a child, but I’m able to reap the benefits now as an adult not only because of the comfortable lifestyle that she has set up for my sister and I but the evidence of the grind that I got to see everyday growin up. That success doesn’t come without hard work. Without my mom I may not have understood the freedom of entrepreneurship and the fact that there is no glass ceiling for women. Even with her being in an immigrant coming from another country barely speaking any English she has busted out every stereotype anybody could possibly make for her and is truly my hero.

My grandmother coming from the 1920s, although she is a tiny little ninja still has the will power of an ox and is very able bodied and active. She, although barely 95 pounds soaking wet, is full of wisdom and stories from her past that she shares with me and I cherish the conversation that we get to have and feel blessed to have my grandmother still around with me today.

An unlikely but worthy subject of my adoration is actually my stepmother, she also (although not the first person you would think of when I think of somebody that I strive to be like) I am much impressed by her capability to shrug things off and be an all-around happy person. I really love her easy-going personality and am trying to see her qualities in myself as I grow.

So as you can see I am an extremely lucky woman! I had, and still have a cadre of women surrounding me, being my network, my stabilizing structure for growth. Even women who are not in my family that are my acquaintances show me daily the strength of a woman. Any ceilings placed before me don’t exist in my mind, as I have effortlessly surpassed them over the years. Without these women, I would not be the wonder woman I am today. Without them I wouldn’t feel the strength and confidence to take risks and keep it moving! I am so grateful for a family of these women in my life.