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Ahhhh. Feb. 15. The day the aisles glare with a mishmash of red, pink and white spewed all around, but most importantly… Huge 75% off signs everywhere your little wanna be diabetic heart could desire. But don’t get it twisted. I’m not an anti-valentines day girl. Lol. But I’m also not a mushy gushy girl. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a box of chocolates once a year. Anyways. I could sit here and wax poetic about chocos all night, but that’s not why I got on here. Actually, dundunduhhhh!!! My foodie website will be launching in the next two weeks, and I just wanted to get some ideas out on paper. So if you enjoy finding a good, healthy substitutes recipe, alongside a how-to for a DIY tufted wingback fabric headboard. Then look no further! High heels and hammers is almost done! Sigh. That name sucks. I keep going back to it though, even though I know I need it to have SOMETHING to do with food. And I love alliteration. But Ho Hos, high heels and hammers just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite right. >.<