So I had plans for this post today. I try to plan them out or at least gets topic going in my head before I start mashing fingers to keys. But just before I started writing this I watched a video blog of a friend that was focused on realignment and realized complaining wasn’t the way to go. So instead of complaining, I will readjust. I have gone through quite a few changes lately in my life’s path. I decided to withdraw from med school and focus on my health, I’ve moved cross country away from my town, my friends, my sister. T-T cry cry… I’ve cut off all contact from a really good friend, but was decided that was for the best. It’s just a lot of change at once, and I’m doing my best to maintain.

Regardless, I’ve been trying to look at my new path as a new journey, because as we all know, the journey is where the fun is. I am trying to look at this new beginning as a fresh start and a chance to really take some time for myself and get back on my path of enlightenment. Do more yoga, eat less junk food (hah) I have been sober for 40 days right now and although it started out as a challenge, I am actually loving it right now. Of course, it makes me feel like an old woman, because every time I want to stay out late and chat with friends, I end up cancelling and just going to bed early with a book. >.< I can’t even imagine how happy that makes everyone right now.

So using this time to realign my path, get back on track and start reaching these lofty and absolutely attainable goals I have set for myself has been consuming my time. It helps me keep busy and in the meantime set myself up for some nice business in the end. Man, my blogs suck. I need to get my thoughts together a little better before I just start writing. I think a little organization and planning can go a long way for this idea I had. But at least I can write with reckless abandon, knowing no one is reading them. 😛