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via Daily Prompt: Recharge

Recharge. I love that word. When I leave my yoga classes in the morning, I feel recharged. When I have a particularly good socializing sesh with my sister or friends after a long week of studying, I feel recharged. When I get some ‘me’ time, and get to just veg in front of Netflix for a couple of hours, I feel recharged. I think it’s uber important to take that time to recharge, even when it seems most important to keep pushing forward with no breaks. It’s really funny though, because if you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have fought you tooth and nail if you wanted me to sit my butt down and take a breather. I didn’t prioritize my breaks as well as the drive, and it exhausted me, but I thought it was just all part of the process and my duty to sacrifice. Luckily this was not forever, so I’m grateful for my ability to adapt and make changes when necessary. The ebb and flow of growth as I charge through life is such a delicate balancing act. And I believe, it’s that give-and-take as we figure out those hairline triggers that set off those chains of events of life experiences, that we call growth. So in order for me to grow, I need to take time to recharge, and I love it when I do. Yay me.




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