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I haven’t really given much thought to the amount of friends I’ve had over the years. When you really think about it, the older you get, the number of actual friends dwindles down, while acquaintances pretty much stays the same. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if I’m getting to be a bit of a recluse. Maybe it’s because I’m studying for the exam right now and starving for human touch? I haven’t had a phone conversation in about 3 weeks, and got to talk to 2 people yesterday. Highlight of my week apparently. Not that I don’t love talking to my mom all the time. I could literally count on one hand how many people I count as a friend right now. And some people are definitely on the fence.

**(9/10/16) But it might also just be the fact that I value real friendships more than quantity as of late. And if you are not beneficial to me (ie. negative energy or dragging me down; I have enough Debbie downers in my space) then I just don’t make that extra effort to keep up the contact. Sorry not sorry. Such a long journey to figure out things that most people figure out in 11th grade. Hah. But if I care even a little. If I make that effort to smooth things over, or check on your life (very rarely, but still done?) then just know I love you and you got me for life.**