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So, my M.O. is to get gungho on my newest mode of procrastination and write a few good first blogs, then taper off until I completely forget my log in information for whatever platform I initially started on, and leave my words in perpetual mid air, floating in the cyberspace of the world wide inter web. But let’s pretend that this time that’s not what’s going to happen. This time let’s look forward to regular brain unloadings. Not only for your entertainment of my beautiful chaos I call my thought process, but for my sanity as I journey through med school and need to release some pressure to make room for more information that I MUST memorize weekly.

SyAri da kid says it best, “I use my priorities as an excuse.”  My strong feelings of guilt and responsibility always manage to crawl into any plans that I lay for myself and I become the helper. The one to lean on in ALL times. But I justify it by attributing it to my duty to help others. It’s actually the case as I lay here typing this entry instead of reviewing for my anatomy midterm that is in a mere 5 hours. But I live by the mantra, if I don’t know it by now, I’ll never know it. Hah. Right? Moving on.




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